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I want to take photos of you. Its that simple. Specialising in photos of actors and musicians, the idea is to create some great head shots but then its time to be a little more creative. To show you in a way that's more interesting then just staring straight into the camera. If you want to be shown in a different light from your current head shot, or want to portray particular elements of your personality, we can achieve that. Its not just actors that would benefit from this. Bands looking for that next poster shot or album cover perhaps. Although its not just for the creative types. My service is designed for anyone who wants to show themselves in a more imaginative way to what people may expect.




I didn't take either of the 2 photos to the left of this paragraph, mainly because when one of them was taken I was busy dribbling. The funny looking Popeye-esque baby grew up into a funny looking Popeye-esque, hairy adult. Between being born and the present day, I somehow got into photography. I first picked up a camera, whilst travelling, probably due to all the amazing sights that the world was throwing up, and I didnt want to forget anything. 




I have been an Actor, Stand Up comedian and a musician, with varying degrees of success, but I think this gives me a good perspective behind the lens for what creative chaps may be looking for. Whilst working as all of the above, I had good and bad publicity shots taken of myself and thats given me the experience and knowledge as to what I think makes a good publicity shot. 





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